Vortex Management Group Boosts Emotional Intelligence

Posted by admin | November 13, 2017 | Vortex

Emotional intelligence (EI) is vitally important for business leaders, as it helps them understand their own emotions and what others are feeling. If you would like to boost your own EI levels, we at Vortex Management Group suggest that you adopt the strategies outlined below.

Perhaps the most important element of EI is listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions. With that in mind, we at Vortex Management Group recommend that you listen twice as much as you speak. For one thing, speaking less frequently will make you seem authoritative. More importantly, it will cause your team members to feel valued.

Another trait that individuals with elevated EI possess is the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes. When you are able to understand someone else’s perspective, you will be in a good position to anticipate that person’s needs. This attribute allows you to provide better customer service and it helps you keep your team members happy and motivated.

If you want to enhance your EI, we suggest that you embrace your vulnerability. Admitting your weaknesses is an ideal way to strengthen your emotional connections with team members, while doing so will help them respect you more because you are being up front with them. Pretending to have all the answers is a sure way to turn people off, so don’t be afraid to state what you do not know.

Our team at Vortex Management Group recommends that you embrace these strategies to bolster your emotional intelligence.

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