How Good Communication Boosts Company Culture

Posted by admin | December 6, 2017 | Vortex

Much has been written about the value of good communication to leadership and to building a company, and when we implement these practices at Vortex Management Group, we’ve found them to have value. Knowing what’s going on, and feeling comfortable reaching out to the group, makes team members feel empowered and secure. Here are a few effective ways you can communicate with your team:

• Team Discussion: How you do this depends on the size of your group. Smaller teams can have regular meetings and get-togethers. Larger groups can employ virtual discussion boards for people to reach out to each other, share their thoughts and things they’ve noticed, and feel connected.

• Idea Board: This is not just for companies in the creative field. Building a team idea board can help spark everyone’s imagination and be a lot of fun. For businesses like Vortex Management Group, ideas could include clippings about new business podcasts, articles on team member success, and ideas on how to dress for work.

• Leadership Communication: The top leaders in the company should make an effort to regularly communicate what they’re doing and thinking with everyone on the team. Having insight into what matters to their leaders and seeing what they’re doing to help the company sets the tone for everyone else.

Building a company on communication has benefits to culture, customers, and the bottom line, so it’s important to make it a priority.

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