Using Text to Build Your Network

Posted by admin | December 6, 2017 | Vortex

You probably text all your friends, so why not take advantage of this quick and easy method of communication for networking as well? There are many different approaches our team at Vortex Management Group uses, but texting can be highly effective. Start when you first meet someone by handing them your phone and having them put their information in. You’ll get the correct spelling of their name as well as any other information they decide to share.

Then, you want to follow up with them fairly promptly so they save your contact number in their phone as well. Send them a quick text with your full name, where you met, and details around what you discussed. This gives them an immediate reference point for all future conversations. Following up appropriately is an art, but Vortex Management Group training workshops suggest periodically touching base to share information others may find useful, such as articles and news clips that relate to their interests.

You can also use texting to set up phone calls or arrange coffee dates to further discuss ideas you may have. You want to be timely in responding to texts, but not immediate. Remember, your new connection is probably working during the same hours you are and doesn’t want to be distracted by text conversations.

If you like texting your friends, using messaging as a way to build your network is a perfect tool.

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