Vortex Management Group Discusses Over-Productivity

Posted by admin | November 13, 2017 | Vortex

We at Vortex Management Group have always strived to be extremely productive in our work. We leverage a number of different techniques to get the most out of each day. However, we have found that it is possible to be too productive. Some people have the bad habit of working so hard they neglect their relationships.

In the business world, who you know is as important as what you know. Certainly there is no replacement for competence; however, business is largely about contacts and transactions between different people and organizations. It is impossible to be successful without fostering those relationships.

Fortunately, our associates at Vortex Management Group have figured out a few ways to stay productive while building relationships. First, it is important to change your concept of productivity. Getting clearly defined tasks done isn’t the only way to add value to your organization. Remember that your relationships with others are important to growth, too.

We also make time every day to focus specifically on connecting with others, whether through lunch, a meeting, or a brief water cooler chat. This allotted time slot means we can stop worrying about our to-do lists for a little while. We at Vortex Management Group have found that this trick has made a major improvement to our productivity. Think about whether you need to make more time for your relationships.

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